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  • Jiangxi Jinkai Chemical Co., Ltd   
  • Add: Duiqiao industrial zone, Jinxi county, Fuzhou city, Jiangxi province, China.
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1、   Custom synthesis
Our company concentrates on the production of imidazole series and ionic liquid. All products relate to this scope, we can accept custom synthesis. If not, sorry for that we couldn’t meet your requirements.
2、   International business
We also have representative offices in U.S.A、Japan、India and Korea. The customers can contact with them. If those countries haven’t representative office, please get in touch with the headquarters.
3、Talent strategy
We always believe that the talent is the strategic capital for company’s development. Respect and think highly of them. Furthermore, Jinkai chemical warmly welcome all kinds of men who eager to devote themselves to chemical industry.
4、   JINKAI’s business
Our company will update the latest message on the Business Center of the website, hoping get your constant attention.